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Skilled on Complex, Multifaceted Cases

With steady growth in cyber activity, today’s businesses are at more risk of cyberattacks than ever before. It’s no longer a matter of “if” your organization will be impacted. It’s a matter of how well you are prepared and protected for when it happens. Transform and manage the cyber risk of your business with ASSET360’s industry-leading cybersecurity solutions.

Cybersecurity Communications

Minimize reputation damage

Integrate a strategic communications plan into your cybersecurity program to protect your organization’s long-term health and reputation. Our skilled public relations professionals have experience planning for and responding to cyberattacks. From developing crisis communications plans to helping you manage an active cybersecurity event, ASSET360 works with you to defend your brand integrity and improve your company’s reputation.

Data Mapping

Capture data flow

Data is part of every organization’s decision-making process. Cybersecurity continues to be a top concern for leaders, and privacy and security laws require businesses to be more agile than ever. In the wake of a cybersecurity event, organizations must act swiftly, and understanding the flow of your data is critical to successfully navigating an incident. ASSET360’s team of architects can help you map the flow of your organization’s data so you can take action on time-sensitive regulatory requirements like CCPA and GDPR. Data mapping and gap analyses enable organizations to build strong policy compliance frameworks that capture data flow internally and externally.

Data Mining

Analyzing data impacted by cyberattacks

After a data breach, time is of the essence.  Failure to meet notice requirements can rack up costly fines.   Our data mining partners specialize in finding breached protected information.  Leveraging dedicated search and AI technology, IG360 can quickly identify what sensitive information needs to be reviewed and delivers lists to our Cybersecurity case teams in a clean and controlled manner. This allows for effective notification to individuals and other entities.

Penetration Testing

Uncover exploitable vulnerabilities

ASSET360 takes a holistic approach to security. We partner with organizations to test your network from every angle and highlight vulnerabilities that would otherwise go unnoticed. These simulated cyberattacks are highly useful to determine the effectiveness of your existing security processes, evaluate configuration management practices, and validate security implementation.

Vulnerability Assessments

Make sure your network is secure

Your network could be vulnerable to attack. Understand your current security posture with ASSET360’s vulnerability assessment. We identify risks to sensitive data, critical operating systems, applications, and IT architectures. With extensive experience pinpointing network risks, our technologists provide prioritized, step-by-step corrective actions to help your organization build a strong security foundation and mitigate risk.

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