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Preparing for an incident reduces the overall damage and costs.
The US government has identified cybersecurity as “one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation."
In 2018, cyber incidents cost more than $600 billion dollars, and damages related to cybercrime is expected to increase to $6 trillion by 2021.

Protecting Your Company’s Most Critical Assets

In today’s interconnected world, every industry, business sector, company and client are a potential target for a cyber-attack. As cyber-attacks continue to increase at a rapid pace, the regulatory controls around data privacy and cybersecurity also continue to grow. The risks resulting from a data breach or a security incident, and the constantly changing regulatory frameworks require a cybersecurity/data privacy program that has been tested from every angle.

Our integrated team of lawyers and technical professionals provide clients with a holistic approach to identifying, mitigating, and responding to cyber and data risks from a legal and technical perspective.

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Preparedness & Cyber Resiliency

Preparation is a critical first step toward enhancing your defense and increasing your ability to recover from cyber-attacks. We start by assessing and evaluating your systems, policies and procedures, to determine the organization’s overall cyber maturity. We then work with you to address any gaps, identify areas of improvement, implement appropriate technical, procedural, and legal changes, and conduct training for the organization.

Regulatory Compliance

In an atmosphere of increased data and privacy challenges, evolving business models and innovative technologies have led to an increase in regulations locally, nationally and globally. Regulatory Compliance is dynamic and complex, with financial and operational risks.

Businesses need to be actively evaluating and improving the policies, procedures, and processes to maintain compliance with existing regulations while preparing for those of the future. The increased business impact of new legislation, as well as the implications of non-compliance, requires insight and forethought to minimize current and future operational impact. Addressing these continuous challenges requires an integrated perspective and approach.


Incident Response

When a damaging security incident or data breach occurs, our Rapid Response Team is standing by 24/7 to help. We assist clients with keeping critical operations performing while investigating and responding to the incident. Our team of first responders have handled well over 2000 incidents across all industries. Our integrated team successfully helps clients address the toughest legal, reputational and technical problems.

Remediation & Recovery

Remediation and recovery are necessary for organizations to successfully navigate the operational and legal risks associated with security incidents or data breaches. We help clients ensure vulnerabilities have been remediated and assist with reviewing the incident response process to identify what worked, and what didn’t work. Based on this method, we work with clients to implement new practices, tools, or procedures, and ensure appropriate documentation is completed. Ultimately, helping organizations build a stronger foundation for future cyber resiliency.

Vendor & Technology Contracting

With our in-house knowledge in technology contracts, we create, review and negotiate a variety of agreements to support the delivery of software, cloud-hosting and professional services and other industry-related projects. We work with clients throughout the entire contracting process, from developing an RFP, creating a negotiation strategy, to ultimately revising any contracts to mitigate risk. Whether you are the service provider or the recipient of software or services, our team is ready to improve your contractual framework and provide you with the necessary tools to evaluate compliance and contractual liability going forward.


Our Cybersecurity consulting group is available to assist clients throughout the information lifecycle – from conducting information security assessments, using best practices and industry standards, to creating and implementing information security programs. Our consolidated team of ethical hackers, former military and intelligence professionals provides clients with a holistic approach to identifying, mitigating, and responding to cyber and data risks from an operational and technical perspective.

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