Strategic & Crisis Communication

Strategic & Crisis Communication

Create Visibility, Build Reputation and Drive Opinions & Behavior
46% of companies have been damaged by negative press coverage, up 29% since 2012.
90% of people only look at the first page of search engine results to form their impression.

The Best Defense is a Great Offense

RG360 is one of Clark Hill’s integrated ancillary, advanced services. It offers the full scope of public relations solutions including crisis & reputation management, strategy, media relations, social media and influencer outreach. They work seamlessly under the direction of counsel, or independently.

With around-the-clock support, our team works to mitigate risk and protect your brand equity. This allows you to focus your efforts where they are needed most.


Real Time Crisis Management

Companies spend years building a brand and establishing trust. A poorly handled crisis can ruin a reputation in five minutes with long-lasting reputational and financial damage. Our team of crisis experts handle diverse issues including workplace accidents, executive scandal, cyber breach, litigation, natural disasters, and product failures, to name a few. Additionally, we can manage long-term issues and establish pre-determined crises protocols, so organizations are equipped to handle crises before and when they hit.

Key Elements:

  • Crisis Management
  • Issues Management
  • Litigation Communication
  • Reputation Recovery
  • Media Relations

Reputation Readiness

Good crisis management is really risk management. History has shown that many crises are predictable and grow from anticipated problems which almost always have warning signs. Companies that successfully navigate through a crisis, predict and plan for those events in advance. This vital step of preparedness helps organizations mitigate risk and protect their brand equity. RG360 works closely with organizational leaders to assess risk and develop a crisis communication playbook that integrates with the company operational and risk plans.

Key Elements:

  • Proactive Risk Assessment
  • Threat Mapping
  • Playbook
  • Training
  • Table Top Drills

Media Monitoring

Today’s media landscape presents an overwhelming number of channels that can positively or negatively influence your brand’s value. Cut through the noise and understand the impact of your coverage. RG360 offers real-time media monitoring that aggregates social, broadcast and traditional press mentions into one single source. Social listening allows our team of experts to monitor our client’s reputation, create immediate responses and provide guidance on our client’s favorability.

Key Elements:

  • Track Your Brand Mentions
  • Negative Coverage Alerts
  • Rapid Response to Media
  • Interactive Analytics Dashboard
  • Data Insights to Improve Marketing Decisions

Media Training

Handle media interviews with confidence. Our media training program provides participants with the tools needed to take control of an interview. Learn how to build core messages, communicate effectively on camera, and build rapport with the media. This program is designed to equip corporate spokespeople with both proactive and reactive media training. This means we won’t just teach you how to succeed in an interview, but also give you tips on how to proactively build relationships with reporters.

Key Elements:

  • Introduction to the Media Landscape
  • On-Camera Drills with Feedback
  • Best Practices
  • Post Session Support

Media Relations

There is nothing more valuable than having people talk positively about your brand and business. Our PR firm earns positive news media coverage for your company, its products, services, leaders, opinions, and innovations, ultimately building your brand and reputation by increasing visibility, trust, and loyalty among your target audience.

Key Elements:

  • Influencer & Blogger Outreach
  • Pitching
  • Media List Building
  • Community Outreach

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