Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Leading With Confidence
Downtime costs between $10k and $5 million per hour
Approximately 51% of companies do not have business continuity plans
54% of companies have experienced prolonged downtime

Plan for the Unexpected & Turn Challenges Into Success

During an organizational threat or disruption, stress levels are high, and chaos can spiral. You’ve got to get up and running fast. The last thing you should have to worry about is how.

ASSET360 helps ease that burden with a customized Business Continuity Program that identifies potential threats and walks you step by step through the recovery process. Our goal is to help you respond quickly and confidently through uncertainty to minimize loss, propel performance, and give your organization its best chance at success.

Even minor interruptions can quickly cripple business operations without well-thought-out communications and planning. Build the resilience to bounce back in hours — not days or weeks.

Business Continuity Solutions

ASSET360 offers pragmatic solutions that work together to turn risks into opportunities, drive superior performance, and promote a culture of confidence.

  • Business Continuity Program Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Business Continuity Program Development, Improvement, and Governance
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Threat/Risk Assessment
  • Emergency and Crisis Management
  • Risk Management and Resiliency Strategies
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Communications Planning
  • Training and Testing
  • 3rd Party Risk Assessment and Monitoring
  • ISO 22301 Audit and Certification

Minimize Loss & Downtime


ASSET360 partners with your team to prepare for possible disruptors, so you can move fast. We identify the functions critical to keeping your business running and establish the processes and timeline to stabilize a crisis and quickly resume operations. With a comprehensive, tested plan in place, you can remain competitive and minimize the impact on your staff, customers, and bottom line.

Protect Brand Value


When things go wrong, incorrect information can move quickly like a bad version of the telephone game. Your response is key to maintaining your reputation. ASSET360 will design a crisis communications playbook so you can communicate effectively and efficiently to protect your reputation and brand value. Your team will know who communicates, what to communicate, when, and to whom, so you are in control of the narrative.

Ensure Compliance


With specialized business continuity experience that spans banking, healthcare, and other highly governed industries, we ensure that your program aligns with regulatory and compliance guidelines. So even during an unanticipated event, you can be confident that your organization maintains its legal requirements.

Adapt & Thrive


Life is not stagnant, and neither is your organization. That’s why we don’t hand off your beautiful Business Continuity Plan to display on a shelf. Our expert consultants guide you through training, testing, and evolving your program to ensure you have the tools and strategies to keep pace with organizational growth, changes, and emerging risks.

We help organization's minimize risks, overcome obstacles, and turn challenges into successes.

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