The World Has Changed. So Should Your Approach to Resiliency.

Next level consulting that prepares organizations for disruption. Our clients call that a significant advantage. We call it ASSET360.

Business Resiliency | Crisis Communications | Cybersecurity | Wire Fraud Recovery

ASSET360 understands the impact that business disruptions can have on customer satisfaction, brand reputation, shareholder value, and an organization’s bottom line.

Our mission is to deliver the right tools at the right time to solve complex business problems and protect your most critical assets.

ASSET360’s proven and advanced methodologies leverage state-of-the-art assessments, training, and experience to improve resiliency and deliver confidence during uncertain times.


Business Resiliency & Transformation

The Real Skill Needed To Bounce Back.

We architect customized solutions built around agility and resiliency. This highly personalized experience engages your resources to develop a deeper understanding of your organizational vulnerabilities so together we can prevent disruptions and improve your operational position.

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Crisis & Strategic Communications

Is Your Organization Prepared for Disruption?

Today’s business climate is diverse – and even the most prepared companies are likely to experience a crisis that can damage their reputation. Our team of crisis counselors handle diverse issues including workplace accidents, sexual accusations or misconduct, data privacy issues, product failures, bankruptcy and natural disasters, to name a few. Skilled in all phases of the crisis lifecycle, we are here around-the-clock to help you respond and protect your most valuable asset.


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Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Protecting Your Critical Assets

In today’s interconnected world, every organization is a target for a cyberattack. The operational, financial, and brand risks resulting from a data breach or security incident can leave devasting and long-lasting impacts that can change a business forever.

Our integrated team of ethical hackers and former military and intelligence professionals provides clients with a holistic approach to identifying, mitigating, and responding to cyber threats.


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Wire Fraud & Asset Recovery

Experience Matters When Everything Is at Risk

The Asset Recovery team offers advanced solutions to help clients recover funds lost due to wire fraud. We have successfully tackled some of the most grueling challenges in the industry, helped to produce evidence leading to settlements, and secured judgments and case collections of over $2 billion.


The best decision I made was to engage Clark Hill’s ASSET team for their knowledge, relationships and valuable insights. They took immediate action, always met my expectations, and everything was communicated in a professional and timely manner.

Lyn W, Director External Relations

Clark Hill's crisis management team is quick to respond and easy to access. Their attention to detail and quality of service is outstanding. They are an extension of my team and treat each client like they are the top priority.

Andy B, CEO

Experience Matters.

Your problems are unique and so are our solutions. Contact us to learn more.

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